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Join Doug and Andy from Hand Hewn Farm for a traditional on farm hog harvest. We will use all three days to joyfully take two heritage hogs that have been lovingly raised at Liberty Farm from pasture to plate. We will walk attendees through the entire process from the kill to the sausage and everything in between. This endeavor is one that many people will never see as the utilization of the harvest goes well beyond the flesh of the pig. We will start on day one with demonstrating a humane harvest along with proper scalding and scraping (de-hairing) to make sure that we can utilize the whole hog including the skin. We move from there to the harvest of the offal and then begin the chill of the animal. Day two consists of knife sharpening and proper handling then moving to butchering for the home kitchen and curing. Day three we take a step into charcuterie on a home scale as well as sausage making, lard rendering, chicharrones making, and much more!

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Saturday, January 13th to Monday, January 15th 2018

True “Nose-to-Tail”. This workshop will show you all aspects of the pig from the pasture where it foraged to the plate in front of you. There is a reason the humble pig has had a place on dinner tables throughout history. It is an economical and delicious way to feed a family.

This workshop offers a chance to experience and participate in the intermingling life of farmer, butcher, and chef. Over three days of harvest, butchery, and preparation (charcuterie) you will be enthralled by the way a pig can be utilized completely in a home kitchen.

100 years ago this would have been common. Friends and neighbors would gather to lend hands to fill the larder for the winter. Supermarkets, fast food, and factory farms made it easy to let this tradition fall to the way side and much information was lost. We hope you take a step toward remembering.

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All Three Days, Day One – Harvest, Day Three – Charcuterie, Day Two – Butchery