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Pastured and Colony Raised Rabbit

We raise rabbits for meat. Our rabbits live in a colony together as they grow with their mothers. This allows the mothers (does) and children (kits) to be social with the other members of the colony. It also allows the rabbits room to roam, hide, play, and sleep where ever they would like. Many farmers that raise rabbits put their rabbits is small cages (hutches) to help control the rabbits a little easier. We like the more holistic approach that allows the rabbits to fully be rabbits. Once the rabbits have been weaned off their mothers they go out to pasture when the seasons allow.

Once out on pasture our rabbits live with other rabbits in a mobile cage (rabbit tractor). Their are moved daily to give them access to pasture while also keeping them safe from predators. The cages have a solid roof to keep the tractor dark to emulate a burrow where a wild rabbit might live. The rabbits are also given other fodder from the farm to help round out their diet while out on pasture.

A common meat in Europe, American’s eat far more chicken compared to their neighbors across the Atlantic. Rabbit is not dissimilar from chicken meat except for one main point that we like to tell people. Rabbit meat is far more sustainable as a meat source. Rabbits can thrive on perennial grasses and tree crops without the need for annual grains that require large amounts of inputs to produce.

If you are interested in trying our rabbit you can order it online and we can deliver  to Central and North East Ohio it as well. We can also deliver to our two markets (Canton Farmers Market , and Canal Market District) if you order the rabbit ahead of time.