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Hand Hewn Farm is a living, working, growing, educating example of 21st century integrated sustainable agriculture. We are a collaboration of friends and family. We demonstrate how community works to benefit all who actively participate.

In 2015 we moved to our farm on Patterson Rd.. The original farm has been owned by the Patterson Family for the last 7 decades and they graciously allowed us to move to the property and start our farm dreams. Since then we have started a flock of pastured laying hens, a herd of pigs that live in our wooded areas, a colony of rabbits that are also seasonally pastured, and meat chickens that are put on pasture all spring and summer. In addition to our livestock we also are working on establishing perennial crops that will help feed those animals and our customers for years to come. Our perennial crops, like trees, bushes, and grasses, will allow us to save on feed costs but more importantly they will help us offset the use of annual grains that can be harmful to ecosystems and soil health.

 How can you Support us?

We often have people that are curious on how they can support the farm because they believe in what we are doing. We host events and workshops at the farm throughout the year as well as selling at many local markets. You can even use our online store to purchase our products.


Through out the year we host events at our farm to give people a chance and invitation to come to the farm to see what we are up to. We always try to improve our methods and we love showing others what we have accomplished and what we have in store. Often times our events also include food that was raised here at the farm to allow customers to experience the culinary potential of what our farm produces.

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We currently sell our products at five different location from Columbus to Canton and a few places in between. On Friday nights from 4-7pm we visit the Newark Canal Market District in downtown Newark. On Saturday Mornings from 8-11:30am we are in Canton for the Canton Farmers’ Market. We also sell our product at two, year round, indoor farmers’ markets. In Mount Vernon we sell at the Harvest at the Woodward, and in Coshocton we sell at Local Bounty. In addition to those markets we also sell in Columbus two times a month at Revive Chiropractic.

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Part of  our mission for this farm is to be a resource for others that want to connect with their food and farmers in ways that are often clouded by industrial agriculture. To do this we offer workshops throughout the year to help other learn from us and take that knowledge back to their own communities to share with others. Most of our workshops focus on the communal act of hog butchering.

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We have set up an online store to make ordering from us as convenient as possible. While currently we do not ship we have been working on the best ways to get our products into the hands of consumers who value ethical meat. Our store can also be used if you want to pick up and order at a farmers market to make sure we have everything you need for that next meal.

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