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Hand Hewn Farm offers slaughter, butcher, and curing workshops at our farm and those of other willing farms. This practice is an attempt to spread traditions in animal harvest that are quickly being lost in a society that glorifies fast, cheap, and easy. We strive to have a no waste process so attendees can really appreciate what “nose to tail” means.

Hand Hewn Farm has many years of experience slaughtering, butchering, and curing their own pork for their families as well as guiding other farmers, homesteaders, chefs, and home cooks through the process at their own farms. It is a valuable skill that has been lost in rural communities. We often talk with people about what we do and so many of them tell us they remember their family doing something similar a few generations removed. The memories are always fond and followed by how they don’t do it that way anymore. We are always struck with a tinge of sadness when we hear this.

As homesteader’s who have been raising and butchering our own pork for years, we didn’t attend Hand Hewn Farm’s Hog Butchery Workshop expecting much more than lending a hand and good fellowship with some great folks. Instead, we found that it exceeded our expectations and opened our eyes to the realization that even though we knew the basics and had a system down, just how wasteful and inefficient we actually were and how poorly we were utilizing each cut of meat. Doug & Andy’s passion for reviving this lost art is contagious and we walked away wanting to do more than just get our homestead hogs butchered and into the freezer as quickly as possible. We wanted to do it well.

-Bill Veon of Reformation Acres

I followed Doug and Andy for several months before I met them.  Before they came to a Farmstead Meatsmith class, they had gained proficiency in livestock harvesting.  They prove that the task of feeding ourselves and our families is not the esoteric science of chefs in lab coats, Fordist assembly lines and agribusiness.  They can teach you to raise, slaughter, butcher, cure and cook your meat as it had always been done before the home kitchen was sharked of its prowess.  You will find that the whole thing can fit in your head because it is native to the human scale, not industrialized fragmentation.  Doug and Andy have gone before you, re-appropriating ancient skill with uncommon quickness.  Best of all, they have undertaken to teach the peasant harvest from a place of gratitude.  Which means that instead of professional condescension, they communicate with passion, perspicacity and patience.

-Brandon Sheard Owner Operator of Farmstead Meatsmith Co-creator of On the Anatomy of Thrift

We host multiple workshops each winter on our farm as well as traveling to other farms for workshops. Our scheduled workshops are posted on our events page. Prices vary depending on location and type of workshops. If you want to stay informed about upcoming classes and workshops please send us an e-mail info@handhewnfarm.com and let us know!

If you would like to see a list of supplies that we recommend for homestead hog butchering please check out our Butchering Resources page.

We offer educational hog harvest experiences on our farm and those of other willing farmers that want to take “nose-to-tail” to the furthest extent.  It is a great way to get customers to really experience your farm or show your appreciation of their patronage. If you would like us to visit  your farm feel free to contact us for pricing and availability.