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Pastured Chicken

Our pastured chickens are raised outdoors on grass. This may not seem like a big deal until you realize that almost all chicken raised for meat in the U.S. is raised in large, enclosed buildings that give the chickens no access to sunlight, fresh air, or grass. Our chickens, on the other hand, are outdoors in mobile coops that we move everyday. This movement allows the chickens to forage through our pastures while also being protected from predators. Along with their Non-Gmo feed, they are able to eat grass, bugs, and grit that is useful for their digestion. According to a 1999 report, pasture raised poultry has higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids as well as a lower fat content and more vitamin A.

Along with the dietary benefits of pastured chicken there are also a multitude of ecological reasons we have our chickens on pasture. The constant moving of the chickens allows us to spread their manure a.k.a., soil nutrients, across our farm with out the use of a tractor for manure spreading. This addition of nutrients helps our pastures regenerate without the addition of synthetic fertilizers. The cycle of chickens through our pastures also helps us control insect populations naturally but within limits so that insect populations are not completely decimated. We consider farming an ecological act and because of that we take how our farm affects the environment very seriously.

We sell whole chickens, wings, drumsticks, breasts, thighs, broth bones, and brats.  You can order  or chicken for pick up in Columbus, Cleveland, or at our farm. During market season we are at Newark’s Canal Market District, and the Canton Farmer’s Market. We also sell our chicken at Local Bounty, a local food market in Coshocton and Harvest at the Woodward a local food store in Mount Vernon.